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New publication

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: A watershed for European public opinion? (Mershon Center for International Security Studies), 12 July, 2022.

Invited Talk at the Mershon Center for International Studies

Check out the conference “U.S. and NATO Relations with Russia and Security in Europe” at the Mershon Center for International Studies on April 8, 2022, where I will talk about European public opinion. More info here.

Attending the ISA 2022 Annual Convention?

Check out our paper presentation “Reading the home front? A mixed methods approach to understanding links between public opinion and European security elites” (with Catarina Thomson, Moritz Neubert, Stephanie Hofmann, Jean Joana, and Jason Reifler) on March 31, 2022, at the ISA 2022 Annual Convention (March 28th – April 2nd, 2022 | Nashville, Tennessee, US), Panel “Elites in Foreign Policy” (TA42, 8:15 AM – 10:00 AM).

New publication

Foreign Anti-Mainstream Propaganda and Democratic Publics (CPS, with Nikolay Marinov & Harald Schoen), published online before print on 2 March, 2022.

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